Hi Mark Galer!  (only review the first 10 photos). These are sample images for the Kirby Gallery 2020 photo contest. It is a very local contest, but I make a very big deal out of it mostly to help motivate me to improve my photography.   There are five categories and I can enter up to 2 photos in each. Open, Animal, Black & White, Portrait and Scenic (landscapes or panoramic images of scenes).

The first 9 photos I have chosen to fill the designated categories with only one in the open class (so far). At the bottom are some alternative photos that I may wish to substitute for any “unsatisfactory” photos.

The main question this month is whether you think these are my best photos to enter for the chosen categories.  Second is a general critique on the first 10 photos specifically whether Scenic #1 photo/moonscape is too soft.  Thanks!!!



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