Here are photos for the  August Critique. Something different I would like for you to do is also advise me on what equipment I need to improve my photography. With the COVID quarantine happening I am in a serious case of GAS (gear acquisition syndrome).

I have divided my photos into 3 groups. Just pick the one  photo in the group you feel is best and make recommendations. Thanks!

Group 1) Macro Photography: Last fall I entered a photo in the NC State Fair for our beekeeping club and it won a blue ribbon. They asked me to submit another photo for this year. I had planned on shooting bees pollinating an actual crop instead of just flowers. I planted Buckwheat several weeks ago to not only feed our bees during the dearth but to hopefully get some good shots. Unfortunately, the Fair was canceled due to COVID but I got some decent shots for next year.

About a year ago, I purchased an used Sony 90 to experiment with macro but hated it. Probably it was because I don’t know  how to do macro properly but really frustrated by  the sluggish autofocus despite being mounted on my A9. I returned it.

These shots were with my A9 and 100-400GM but with a heavy crop and thus low megapixel.(Probably no where close to 4K)  Focusing on a tiny bee was hard enough with that combo, I feel sure the 90 would have been a bust. I thought a photo of bee that was actually flying might be more impressive vs a detailed close up of the bee on the blooms. What do you think? What suggestions do you have regarding Macro? Should I try the 90 again? Is this where the A7RIV would be good for  “crop to zoom?”  Would I also be disappointed in the focus speed of the RIV now that I am spoiled by the A9? I was going to buy the RIV but when the concerns arose about focusing with the 100-600 and I backed off. I do a fair amount of wildlife photography. (A9 & 100-600) Are you happy with your RIV? Why did you not take it on your trip to UK?

Steve Long.   /

Group 2) FOG.     Sorry, some how I can not figure out how to insert this text bar between the macro and fog sections.

Our Durham photography club is now having our meetings on line. Not really that bad, since now our speakers are no longer limited by geography. We also have a photo exhibition at the end of each meeting and this month's theme is fog. It was a little more difficult to capture fog than I would have thought. Please critique the  one that appeals to you. 

Group # 3 Astro. see below

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