This weekend, while at a Horse Show in the Mountains, I drove an hour to get photos of this waterfall. I was hoping to get an “award winner” but I struggled with composition and lighting.

It was a very overcast day and had just rained 30 minutes earlier. I was using my A9, 24-105 lens with a variable ND filter, & tripod on all these shots. There were no details in the sky, so I mostly tried to compose and/or crop the (blown out) sky (just above the waterfall) out of the photo.

Regarding composition, the waterfall would be the “Hero” but I could not identify any leading lines or other compositional elements to help. Eventually, I tired 2 ideas, 1) make the stones appear as stepping stones to the falls and 2nd, there were 3 diagonal elements (rock, tree, larger rock) leading to the falls. Not sure if it worked. Also had to deal with all the other visitors, mostly cropped out on the left side. On warmer days, people wade in the waters so it could have been worse.

The last photo is a Milky Way shot.

Thanks Mark!

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