These images are suitable for printing. Simply click on the download arrow to download a full (and very large) file. You can then send it wherever you wish for printing. When you click on “Buy Photo”, you are paying SmugMug to print them for you. (An easy option)

I would suggest you try for the best print. These would great on metal. I would suggest “single metal print” with an 3/4” inset frame and add a wire hanger. I have had good results with those. For a metal print, since there is no matting, you would want to crop in a bit for the best look. Hopefully I left you enough room around the image for a standard print with mat. Feel free to crop as you like.

If you feel any of the images need further adjustments, like to brightness, color or saturation, please let me know and I would be happy to adjust to your taste. I tend you occasionally get heavy handed with vivid colors and these fall images are no exception.

Steve Long.

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